JEFLOCK Accessible Toilet Lock


JEFLOCK Accessible Toilet Lock outside view.                     JEFLOCK Accessible Toilet Lock inside view unlocked.          JEFLOCK Accessible Toilet Lock inside view locked.

This version for internal doors is designed especially to comply with new legislation Part M, DDA & BS8300.  The accessible toilet lock operates from the outside with a lever handle to release the roller latch bolt & has a red & white indicator release, in an emergency the coin release can be turned to release the dead bolt. The outside operation is no different to any other bathroom lock & does not require instructions.

The inside lever handle presses down to release the latch bolt & lifts up to throw the dead bolt as illustrated this is an unusual feature & therefore has lettering to read “lift handle to lock” this message is repeated in Braille.  Available in Normbau ANTIBACTERIAL MICROBAN standard colours & all other colours from the standard Normbau range in addition to metal finishes stainless steel, aluminium & brass. 

MICROBAN antibacterial is an active agent embedded into the polymer matrix of the nylon, the agent remains active for the life of the product, the agent captures the relevant pathogenic hospital germs & destroys the cell membrane, thereby obstructing the function, growth & regeneration of these bacteria.  Human cells are not affected by the Microban agent.

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