Concealed Internal Door Closer Nickle

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Product Information

  • Pack contains Screws and instructions
  • Screw plates approx. 25mm x 50mm
  • Door insert (spring barrel) approx. 140mm x 20mm



Select the best fitting position for your door.
1. Cylinder.  Mark inner door edge for drilling of 25mm diameter hole.  It is important that the hole should be not less than 147mm deep.

2. Cylinder Plate.  Mark out and recess cylinder plate flush with door edge.  Insert cylinder ensuring that it is free and fix plate with screws provided.  Adjust spring tension if necessary (See Note A).  Close door gently so that anchor plate marks out door jam.

3. Anchor Plate.  Turn anchor plate 90 degrees to cylinder plate.  Withdraw to approximately 38mm and insert template (4).

4. Template.  Insert template between chain links.  Release anchor plate so that it is freely suspended.  Recess anchor plate as for cylinder late (2) and fix with screws provided.

Note A: Adjusting Procerure

1. Fit template (4) as near to cylinder plate (2) as possible.
2. Remove anchor plate (3).
3. Turn anchor plate clockwise to increase tension, anti-clockwise to decrease tension.
4. Re-fix anchor plate (3).  Remove template (4).

To provide automatic closure of light and medium weight internal doors weighing up to 50.8kg except those fitted with rising butt hinges.
Parliament or projecting hinges or where limited air displacement conditions exist, suitable for use on fire-resisting doors subject to approval by appropriate fire authorities.