Union N8825 Heavy Duty Signature Door Closer

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To complete UNION’s recently launched range of door closers, the N8825 offers a robust, heavy duty backcheck door closer.

Featuring three fully adjustable control valves, it is made from durable materials and CE marked, giving peace of mind. The adjustable backcheck helps to protect the immediate surroundings from damage. Its clean, smooth lines ensure that it will blend with both traditional and contemporary interiors.

The CE mark means this closer has been successfully tested to BS EN 1154. It has also been included in fire tests to BS EN 1634-1, with assessment for use on timber fire doors with intumescent protection up to FD 120. Factory production control audited by independent inspection bodies offers further reassurance that purchased products are identical to the tested models.


  • UNION metal Signature cover with larger body
  • Architecturally favoured flatform arm
  • Sizes 2-5 wind-through - standard installation
  • Maximium door width - 1250mm
  • Maximum door mass - 100kg
  • Size 2-5 - parallel arm
  • Maximum door width - 1250mm
  • Maximum door mass - 100kg
  • Adjustable backcheck
  • Suitable for fire doors
  • Independent door speed and latch control
  • Finished in Silver
  • Supplied with easy-to-use template and pictorial fixing instructions
  • 10 year guarantee

 (CE mark is not valid if door width/mass exceeds values given above)