Stanley Laser Lever C/W Pole

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This self levelling tool features a laser chalk line and a laser cross line, set at 90º to the other. The Output, seen through two sealed windows, allows the user to carry out a wide range of levelling and layout jobs, including floor & wall tiling, suspended ceilings and wall & stair rails.

Pendulum self levelling mechanism for accuracy and piece of mind.
Heavy duty magnetic damping compensator for rapid and stable levelling.
Out of True level sensor automatically alerts the user that the tool is outside its +/- degrees self levelling range & no longer level.
The diodes are set at 90º to each other, for accurate squaring.
Three 635nm diodes provide ultimate line visibility.
Two button functions allow both cross line and vertical line to function independently.
Laser pole can be extended to 3.3 meters & includes spring loaded final adjusting foot for use in most situations.